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Versace Mansion Miami

By Elma B.

When I lived in Miami, there was always one home that caught my eye: the Versace Mansion (as it is commonly referred to by the public). Its black doors sealed the entrance. I would always see many tourists in the front trying to peak inside and find out whether any famous faces were nearby. Miami’s weather and location fit perfectly with the villa’s Mediterranean décor.

The Versace Mansion was a residence of Gianni Versace. The acclaimed architect Alden Freedman, who designed the mansion after “Alcazar de Colon” in Santo Domingo, built the villa. Gianni bought the villa in 1992. He added the south wing, the pool and the garden areas. The villa is located on Ocean Drive in Miami. Gianni Versace died on its steps after being shot by a deranged man. The villa is currently a boutique luxury hotel with a restaurant and event space. There are ten hotel suites, which are each uniquely decorated. The interior and exterior are gorgeous. Many exclusive parties are held at the villa. The villa is currently on sale for $125 million.  For more details, check out the photos below. 

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