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Elisabetta Canalis PETA

By Elma B.

Just because it's winter and fur may look stylish or feel soft, don't even think that you need fur to look glamorous or stay warm. Faux-fur is the new fashion statement. By wearing faux fur, you are not supporting the torture of innocent animals by buying the ill begotten product and are letting your fashionista friends know where you stand. 

Elisabetta Canalis for PETA

Many stylish celebrities have taken a stance and people are watching and listening, take for example Elisabetta Canalis. Most of us (in the U.S.) know her as George Clooney's ex. However, she has been a star in Italy long since her relationship with Clooney. She gained major spotlight around the world, including the U.S., for her fit body and her casually chic  style.  For details, please see the photos below.  

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LOL What a bitch.


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