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Club Fashionista in NYC: A Stroll in the Central Park

By Elma B.

Right after eating brunch in SoHo and visiting one of my favorite art museums in the world (the Neue Galarie), we walked to Central Park, which is also one my favorites in New York City. Central Park has pretty unique feature that enables one to escape the noise and the pollution of New York City. Many movies/TV-shows have been filmed in Central Park, e.g. Cruel Intentions with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe. 

One can enjoy Central Park in so many ways, e.g. jog there (as its paths are plentiful); read and write (my favorite); tan (on a sunny day); take photographs (as the green, ponds and stone objects are beautiful); walk your pet, etc. In the summertime, there are many more sunbathers in Central Park than in the fall/wintertime. Afterwards, we walked down the 5th Avenue, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was a fairly short walk. Thus, next time you are in New York City, go to Central Park and pick one or many of your favorite activities to reap the most benefit from your time there. 

Below, you will find some photos of my stroll through New York City. I decided to wear a faux-fur vest, a leather vanilla jacket, baby-blue burberry scarf, Luis Vuitton speedy, and Tory Burch boots. My pants are horse-riding style from J-Brand. The outfit was fairly comfortable for a stroll in New York City. For make-up, I am wearing KIKO maroon red lipstick and peacock blue eyeshadow. I love KIKO, which is an Italian brand, akin to MAC but cheaper! Thus, voila, there you have my look of the day. 

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