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St. Barts: Caribbean Paradise

By Elma B.

Saint Barthélemy, commonly known as St. Barts, is a territory of France and is a part of the French West Indies in the Caribbean (please see the map below). St. Barts’s capital is Gustavia. St. Barts is a volcanic island that is encircled by reefs. The island is hilly and has glaring white sand. 

During Christmas and New Years, the mega wealthy and celebrities vacation on St. Barts. The Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich, had a huge New Years Eve party in December, 2011 (see the fire works photo below for details). Please see the photos below for many of the famous faces caught by the paparazzi in St. Barts.

The climate is tropical and does not vary throughout the year; there are only two seasons: dry and humid. St. Barts is known as the “Cannes” of the island world because of its deluxe accommodations (private villas and resorts) and the wealthy visitors it attracts. Scuba diving (among the best in the Caribbean), hiking (that can lead you to beaches only accessible by foot) and horseback riding on the beach are popular activities for the tourists. 

St. Barts

St. Barts

St. Barts
St. Barts
St. Barts
St. Barts
Map of St. Barts
New Year Eve in St. Barts by Roman Abramovich
Luxury lifestyle in St. Barts
Shopping in St. Barts
St. Barts
Rachel Zoe in St. Barts

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