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My Trip Around the World

By Elma B.

Below I have included some photographs I wanted to share from my Summer of 2011. It was a special time for me because I had just graduated from law school and had taken the bar exam. 

I was in Miami, which is a gorgeous city both for its beaches, weather, its gorgeous tropical landscape and trendy nightlife. My next stop was Greece. I spent most of my time there in Mykonos, which is a gem in the Mediterranean both for its incredible landscape, out of this world Greek food, and sandy beaches. My summer’s final stop was in the Canary Islands. I spent most of my time there in Las Palmas, which was very exotic with its sand dunes and the fact that I could see the Saharan desert in Africa with my naked eye across the shore. Below, you will find photos of some of my favorite moments from that summer.

On the Sand Dunes at Canary Islands
In the Gardens of Vizcaya in Miami
On the Streets of Mykonos 
A HUGE Pelican on the Streets of Mykonos 
At a Cafe in Mykonos 
The Rocky Terrain in Greece
Sunny in Greece 
On a Balcony in Mykonos 
In Las Palmas, Canary Islands
On the Streets of Las Palmas, Canary Islands 

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