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The Young Bianca Jagger

By Elma B.

In addition to being astoundingly beautiful and stylish, Bianca Jagger has dedicated her life to human rights causes. In fact, she has founded her own chartable foundation called Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation. Bianca has won notable human rights awards for her charitable work and advocacy.

Bianca Jagger was born in Nicaragua and was raised by a single hard working mother. While young, Bianca moved to Paris to study political science at a French university. She met Mick Jagger in France and married him in St. Tropez. They have one gorgeous daughter: Jade Jagger. 

Bianca was also a good friend of Andy Warhol and was heavily associated with Studio 54 of New York City. In 1970s and early 1980s, she had a reputation for her jet-setting ways. She was a model and has appeared on many notable TV shows.  Her style as a young woman was out of this world. She managed to have a sexy yet a classy-timeless look; no wonder Andy Warhol thought the world of her. We love you Bianca for your beauty, style and most notably an amazing heart!!!

 Bianca Jagger with Andy Warhol

 Bianca Jagger with her Daughter Jade Jagger

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