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Doutzen Kroes on Diet and Exercise

By Amra B.

"I always eat in moderation. If I order french fries I have a salad and I share [the fries] with my friends. I don't tell myself to not eat anything to stay away from all sugar or all fries or all the good fried foods. But I eat it in moderation," shared Doutzen Kroes regarding her diet with the website


Doutzen Kroes is a health conscious model, who loves rope jumping, boxing, and just running around with her toddler son. To keep her legs toned and her butt-up, Kroes said she loves to do yoga, squats and stretching. 


Also, Kroes admits that in addition to exercising, her diet is crucial. In fact, pre-work out, she has a low fat yogurt with wheat-free granola or energy bars and a large cup of coffee.  Post-work out, Kroes snacks consist of hemp, brown rice, unsalted nuts and dry fruits with protein shakes or oats. Throughout the day, she eats fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, nuts and drinks a lot of water. Her weakness: french fries and chips. With that said, Kroes said that she limits the intake and balances the unhealthy with the healthy, e.g. salad plus a small portion of fries. 

She admits that her diet is catered to the fact that her goal is to maintain her body toned. Moreover, Kroes says that when deciding on a right diet, it is important to keep in mind that everyone's body and genetic composition varies; therefore, one should experiment and/or consult a dietician before finding a diet that is fitting for you. With all that said, Kroes said that at the end of the day that she is a model and that her job is to be fit and look fantastic. 

Nonetheless, we must admit that her discipline is amazing and her physique inspiring! What do you think about her fitness and diet fashionistas? 

Images: Doutzen Kroes Fit
Photo: Doutzen Kroes Exercising
Image: Doutzen Kroes Fit
Image: Doutzen Kroes Fit
Image: Doutzen Kroes in a Bikini 
Images: Doutzen Kroes Fit
Images: Doutzen Kroes in a Bikini
Photo: Doutzen Kroes in a Bikini

Photo: Doutzen Kroes at the Pool

Photo: Doutzen Kroes for Victoria's Secret

Photo: Doutzen Kroes Exercising

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