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Five Ways to be Happy

By Amra B. 

Spring is around the corner. However, the weather in London is still gray, gloomy and cold. My solution to these cold weather blues is "Five Ways to be Happy":

1. Bake a Cake

Those of you who know me would definitely say that I am not the one to bake or eat a cake. I like eating healthy, and cakes are usually not a part of my diet. Nevertheless, I love to bake (and eat) really tasty desserts that are completely healthy and low on calories. 

As a bonus, they make my house smell like vanilla, and I have some leftovers to share with friends. My favorite is the Austrian Linzer Cake that I make with whole-wheat flower and fruit preserves that contain no sugar. You can find the recipe for this delicious dessert below:

2. Go for a Run

When I feel like a complete disaster, I go for a long run. If you are not a runner, I would suggest taking a long walk. I would also recommend (if possible) that you go to a park or a hiking trail and just go “nuts” and run/walk your bum off. When you are done, you will feel your endorphins kick in and you will find that this is the best antidote to depression. Besides, what other activity gets rid of gloominess while making you look awesome in your bikini?

3. Clean Out Your Wardrobe

I recently cleaned out my closet to make room for my fall and winter clothes. As I was sorting through my last winter’s wardrobe I discovered many gems. I was so happy seeing my “old-new” things, and it felt like I just invaded a mall for a whole new wardrobe. I was also inspired to dress up because I could now clearly see what I have in my wardrobe and find new ways to mix and match my outfits.

4. Have a Spa Day 

I am a big fan of facial masks and other lotions and potions. I am so obsessed with these rituals that I bring my facemask everywhere I go and make sure I use it at least three times a week. I also love making at-home-treatments and find that many beauty potions are available right in our kitchen counters. Here is a great recipe idea:

Mix organic yogurt and/or mashed avocados whipped in the blender and apply it to your face. Add some rose oil or water to give a lovely smell. 

5. Have a Cinema Night

This is a great idea for a Friday and/or Saturday night when it is raining so much that you just don’t feel like stepping a foot out of your home. I would suggest finding some really vintage movies to watch either alone or with a group of friends. I usually like to make a really cozy atmosphere and make popcorn, tea, and serve some other healthy snacks. I display it in my best china set to make myself feel like a princess. 

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