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Factory Girl: 1960s Inspired Fashion

By Fatima N.

Factory Girl: 1960s Inspired Fashion

In the 60s, we witnessed the rise and fall of what we can call The Edie Empire. Edie was a model, heiress, an actress in Andy Warhol's underground studio, "The Factory" and one of the first "It Girls". Her time was short in the “It Girl” spotlight, but as John Galliano said,”She may have had 15 minutes of fame, but her fashion style and image influenced a whole generation.” The 60s were a time of Vidal Sassoon hair cuts and Mary Quant minis. Edie Sedgewick contributed to 1960s fashion as well, with her chandelier earrings, kohl rimmed eyes and blonde pixie crop...

Edie Sedgewick with Andy Warhol 

In 2006, a biopic starring Sienna Miller was made about Edie. The movie showed her 60's style.

One of Sienna Miller's outfits, the one with the leopard coat, showed how Edie liked to wear vintage style clothes with younger pieces. Edie Sedgewick was actually one of the first people to do this. Fore more on the 60s style icons, click here.

Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgewick in Factory Girl

Another piece we can take from Edie Sedgewick is a timeless one, the classic Breton striped shirt. Edie used to wear them often, sometimes to match with Andy Warhol. The Breton striped shirt is wearable today, and can be dressed up or down, for work or for play.

Edie Sedgewick in stripes 

The trends of the 1960s have proved their staying power. Every few seasons or so, fashion designers return to the decade for inspiration. This year has seen a resurgence of mod silhouettes and mod fashion. For example, the Chelsea boot, which everyone is wearing. Celebrities and "it" girls of today (Alexa Chung, for example) are stealing looks from the swinging sixties. It looks like everyone is manic for mod fashion this fall. Try it yourself, take the 1960s fashion for a spin, and infuse some Edie Sedgewick style while you're at it.  Until next time fashionistas, stay groovy! Xo.

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