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How to Incorporate the 1940s Glamour Into Your Modern Wardrobe

By Elma B.

One of my favorite fashion decades was the 1940s, marked by its elegance, glamour and grace. It was the time of Hollywood's Golden Age, the age of Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardener. The period was marked by midi skirts, square shoulders, narrow hip cuts and decadent jewels. In fact, it was Christian Dior's groundbreaking debut when he redefined women's post World War II style by designing the new silhouette with gorgeous full midi skirts with waist cinching jackets. Since I am a huge fan of elegance, grace and humility, I wanted to provide you with tips on how you can incorporate the classic 1940s fashion pieces into your modern wardrobe. 

How to Incorporate the Classic 1940s 

Fashion Pieces Into Your Modern Wardrobe: 

1. Midi skirts: Above and below in the photos, I wore the midi skirt with a '90s crop sweater top. I tried to mix and match modern pieces with the classic ones. 

2. Shoulder pads. Square shoulders mark the 1940s tops.  I suggest wearing shoulder pads with skinny jeans or over a mini dress to complete the modern look. For the ultra fashionistas, wear the blazer over the shoulders for that effortlessly chic look. 

My sister, Amra B., sporting shoulder pads in Miami

3. Decadent jewels. Decadent jewels with plush dresses marked the ultimate glamour of the Old Hollywood. I suggest pairing your decadent jewels when sporting a bohemian everyday look.

4. Chic Neckerchief. Pair the neckerchief with a white deep v-neck t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Add a loose fitting trench coat for those rainy and windy fall days. 

5. Belted waist. Wear a belted waist with high waist midi skirt or high waisted loose pants. Opt for a thin and sleek belt to complete the 1940s look. 

6. Block heeled sandals. Block heeled sandals or shoes were the trademark of the 1940s. Wear the block heeled shoes with a loosely fitted skirt. 

7. Wide legged trousers. To get the modern look, wear the  1940s wide legged (and high waisted pants) with a crop top. 

My sister, Amra B., sporting
white wide legged pants in the fall

8. Gingham dress and cinched waist. Opt for a shorter version of the gingham dress with a cinched waist to get the modern look.

9. Floral prints + statement jewels.This is just the all around glamour that you should reserve for those evenings when you will feel like a queen. I suggest keeping this one the total 1940s look.

10. Skirt suit + wide brimmed hat. The skirt suit marked the typical 1940s fashion. The wide brimmed hat added to the skirt suit remains an eternal classic. Reserve the skirt suit for the office. To mix styles and balance the comfort, wear t wedge sneakers.

There you have it fashionistas, the top 10 ways to incorporate the 1940s into your modern wardrobe. Below, you will see my modern 1940s inspired look. I opted for a heavy midi skirt with a cinching waist, a baby blue crop sweater and statement jewelry. To add an ultra modern piece, I wore the 2009 Yves Saint Laurent cage boots. Then I mixed the 1940s with a 1980s vintage bag from Salvatore Ferragamo. 


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Wow, I really love the shoes that you are wearing! They are so unique and beautiful!

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Thank you beauty!! Can't wait to read your first article for Club Fashionista! Xo


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