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Why I Look Forward To the Fall

By Amra B. 

I am a summer baby, I was born in July and sun is my ruling planet (I am a Leo). Accordingly, I loathe the idea of the summer ending and trying to embrace the new season almost seems unnatural.  However, the thought of never witnessing another Halloween or eating pumpkin pie also seems unbearable. It is those beautiful shades of yellow and red that had made me witness the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Could fall possibly be another favorite season?

It is in fall that I get to dig out my favorite pair of boots and experiment with my style. Fall is the only time I can wear boots with bear legs; so trivial you may think, but another little thing that makes such a big difference for me. I also get to pull out my favorite pair of jeans that has been stashed somewhere the entire summer just waiting to be displayed. I then remember just how great they look with a simply button down or a cozy sweater.

It is in fall that I substitute my tea with some freshly made hot cocoa. I bake cinnamon deserts and let the fragrance fill out the room. If I am looking to relax, I simply get some amazing cinnamon candles and light them before cozying up with a book in the evening. I also love to run to the Plaza Hotel for some amazing smores, but if I am out camping somewhere, I try and make my own with some fine dark chocolate.  

Bring on the caramel apples and crisp leaves! Bring on the fall! 


Outfit: Zara dress, Ash boots, Miu Miu purse, H&M hat, Forever 21 sunglasses 

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Uzo O said...

You're Leo? No wonder you're so pretty. Love your looks and the hat just completes the look. Lovely.



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