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The Most Fashionable Cities In the World

By Nadja Muzur

Fashion exists everywhere and on every major city street. The most popular fashion trends are all over the world right now have such different and creative vibes depending on the city and the particular designer's creativity. As a fashionista, I have decided to list the most fashionable cities in the world right now. This can serve as a style guide when traveling to one of these cosmopolitan hubs and deciding on what to wear!

Street style fashion- New York City

The Most Fashionable Cities:

1. New York...

Is the fashion capital of the world right now because of the creative approach it has in the fashion industry. New York creates fashion trends that are innovative and inspiring, and forever growing. The big apple is known for its timeless looks and creative designers. The streets of New York are filled with fashionistas just waiting to show their ever changing styles.

2. Paris...

Paris is not only known for love and romance. Paris has been known as the house of fashion. For centuries, the best designers have come from Paris, and the fashion has been followed closely as the most fashionable city in Europe, and around the world. Paris is a city of love, romance, and pure couture fashion.

3. London...

The Cosmopolitan vibe in London has landed them on the list. London also is known for hosting 'London Fashion Week' one of the highest profiled fashion events in the world. This is a city that is always dressed to impress with ever changing styles. 

4. Los Angeles...

We can't leave LA out of this list, I am biased because I live in LA, but the red carpet events alone show the world that it is one of the most stylish cities right now. LA is steadily emerging as one of the top cities for incredible fashion. LA is constantly showcasing the newest west coast trends that are sweeping the streets with creative and hipster styles.

5. Barcelona...

The traditional importance of textiles is shown in the fashion, and has put Barcelona on this list as a major fashion city. Barcelona has really made a name for itself in the fashion world. Barcelona incorporates casual wear with colorful classics. This city is surely climbing up the fashion ladder.

Next time you visit any of these major fashion cities, you will know exactly what to expect and what to wear. Each city has its own unique style and creativity behind the fashion trends that exist currently. I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did. Until next time fashionistas!

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