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New York Fashion Week in Review

By Fatima N.

New York Fashion Week in Review: 

Hot Designers & Top 7 Fashion Trends For Spring 2015

Another fashion week has come and gone (as fast as Anna Wintour was answering 73 questions in the span of 6 minutes!). From those in the tents to those following the action at home, it’s been a busy, frantic week. Well, it is January in the fashion calendar.

And there’s so much to talk about! Below, I will give you the scoop on the top 7 latest fashion trends for Spring 2015 and some young and talented designers you may want to keep an eye on...

New York Fashion Week Street Style

The Opening Ceremony: 

What I saw in some shows was unconventionality, not just in the clothes, but in the way they were presented. Opening Ceremony had a play starring Elle Fanning instead of the usual runway presentation. Rebecca Minkoff and Nanette Lepore both had unconventional finales. Guests at Rebecca Minkoff’s show were asked to don a pair of 3-D glasses to see the final five looks, and the models at Nanette Lepore ended the show in a conga line!

New York Fashion Week: Young Talent

Many new designers have graced the runway, but these two stood out to me the most. These two brands intrigued me; the story behind them and their respective designers kept me eagerly waiting. They didn’t disappoint...

1. Amir Taghi:

Amir Taghi is a Houston based designer who has interned at Oscar de la Renta. This fashion week was his New York debut. That may sound typical, but what sets him apart is his age. Taghi is only 18 years old. He designed his first collection while he was a freshman. Talk about extremely talented. His collection was mainly cream and pastels and inspired by Bianca Jagger. I was really drawn to the lavender pieces. 
Amir Taghi debuts during New York Fashion Week
photo credit:
2. Kempner

Kemper, the brand, is inspired by and named after a woman who was both Yves Saint Laurent’s muse and “the only chic woman in America” (according to Diana Vreeland, former editor of Vogue). This woman is Nan Kempner, a socialite from the 1950s. The label was developed by her two grandchildren, Meggie and Chris Kempner. The collection was inspired by “tensions, shiny vs. matte, classic vs. edgy”. The ensembles that walked down the runway were effortlessly chic and minimalist. 

Socialite Nan Kempner with Andy Warhol (left) and Yves Saint Laurent (center and right)

Top 7 Fashion Trends for Spring 2015:

Oh and of course, the trends! 

1. Pastels. Backing off from neon and loud colors, pastels dominated the runways. Subtlety, basics and elegance is back. I am definitely gravitating toward the lavender. 

2. PatternsIt being for spring, there were florals, and lots of white. Stripes made many an appearance as well. What was different was how the designers manipulated the florals and stripes. 

3. Off the shoulder. Sleek and beautiful off the shoulder tops and dresses have made a comeback. 

4. Gingham stylesaw a lot of gingham, for example at Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenburg. 

5. Sporty. Sneakers and pool sandals continued to dominate. Designers paired the sporty sandals and shoes to dress down the other pieces. 

6. Embroidery. Hand crafted embroidery added a special effect to many fashion pieces.  Bejeweled embellishments and sequins made the garments sparkle on the runway.  

7. Androgyny. Feminine pieces meet masculine cuts. Oversized masculine-like tops took over the runways with toned down colors. They were carefully balanced with tighter bottoms. 

To wrap it up, here are some of my favorites. I can’t wait to recreate these looks come spring. 

Street style shoe bonanza at New York Fashion Week 

Prabal Gurung and Victoria Beckham
debuted their new shoe lines!

That’s a wrap. Off to London we go! 

New York Fashion Week Street Style

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