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How to Fake a Thinner Body

By Brittany Dobbins

How to fake a thinner body and get the perfect glow:  what’s the secret?

As women we all want that perfect body, even it means wearing something that will make you look thinner. Just look at Kate Winslet for example, she wears these custom designer dresses and always looks so good in them while walking that red carpet….but what’s her secret? Does she have some sort of body suit that makes her curves even more eye-catching and voluptuous? Or take a look at Beyonce, her body is insane, guys are drooling over her and women just become jealous. I mean, come on? She’s gorgeous! The question is….what exactly is underneath all those clothes?

How to Fake a Thinner Body With Spanx
I will provide you with some styling tips on how to fake a thinner body. Here are some beauty insider's secrets:

1. Spanx

Kim Kardashian is famous for her amazing physique and derriere. Although, we do see her sometimes wearing spanx underneath her Kardashian collection black pencil skirts and the ever so tight, sleek body-con dresses.

I think spanx are actually really good to wear underneath a really tight dress, just don’t expect paparazzi not to take a snap of it. You can also wear different types of body suits, but it has to be comfortable, that is the key. For example try the maidenform shape comfort devotion open-bust slip. It’s similar to a night gown but just makes your body look great and feel fabulous! Something like that is always good because it makes you feel confident in your body and a woman needs that. Also an idea that works would be, to wear a form-fitting dress that shows off all your curves (the body-con dress, the maxi dress, the sun dress, and any type of form-fitting dress would be good). 

Beyonce in Spanx
All of these different dresses will help you look even better and of course…thinner!  All women in Hollywood wear spanx or something that will enhance their curves, but it takes a real woman to admit it. So don’t hide it ladies! 

2. Beauty Products

Lastly, let’s talk about beauty products, shall we? I want to know what keeps Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Kate Winslet’s skin glowing, I’m sure you all do too! I think in finding beauty products that would benefit you and your skin is relatively hard but if you use something that isn’t too expensive or won’t damage your skin, you’ll be fine.

For me, I love Sephora and their makeup products are amazing! I use Sephora’s “Clinique, dramatically different moisturizing lotion” and the “dramatically different moisturizing gel” (for moisturizing my skin). 

If you want that “instant bronze” I would recommend Kardashian sun kissed instant sunless spray and lotion, it really does the trick. Or if you just want to look like a Kardashian you should try it!

            Don’t hide behind your imperfections. Be it.

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