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Men’s Summer Fashion Trends: What’s Hot?

By Brittany Dobbins

Today’s men fashion trends have gotten even hotter…literally, just in time for summer! The biggest trend right now in men’s fashion is floral prints. They provide a unique variation of patterns and pop of color. Designers such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Prada, and many more use these floral prints to enhance their ensembles making them vibrant and 3D-like, drawing the people in and enticing them. Floral prints have made quite a buzz in the fashion industry especially during fashion week, from the ever so chic “flower power” blazer with matching slacks or a bold white-grey floral print leather jacket and a pair of sleek khakis. 

Men's Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

I think floral prints are great for any occasion, especially when going out with your friends, maybe even for date night with your girlfriend/significant other or a family outing. A great pair of black slacks with a blue suede floral print blazer from H&M and a white button-down going out shirt underneath will do the trick; maybe even bring attention to the ladies! 

Men want to show off and give everyone something to talk about, especially in fashion. When going out on a date night with your significant other you want to look your best to impress. If I were a guy I would probably wear something that isn’t too flashy or colorful because that takes the attention off your lady and also you don’t want to look like a crayon! So go with something simple and effortless like a black vintage leather jacket from ASOS paired with a floral print dark blue button-down shirt and black slacks and your lady will go crazy for you! 

Floral prints have given men’s outfits a unique twist, something that leaves everyone in the fashion industry speechless. It is the floral print.

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