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LA Fashion Trends

By Nadja Muzur
Edited by Julia Boylan

When it comes to fashion, LA is the place to be. The laid-back edgy style that is expressed throughout the city is what keeps this sunshine state so trendy yet unique. Unlike in many other cities, people here strive to express their own style by thrift shopping and mixing all different types of designer pieces. Because fashion is a type of lifestyle in LA, it is essential to always keep up with the new and improved fashionable trends. So, what's trending on the streets in LA? Keep reading...


The desire for fashion has led to a new fad, “fashion trucks”, which is becoming more and more relevant throughout the city. By taking the concept of a food truck, local fashionistas have channeled their inner creativity and love for fashion by designing their trucks with edgy designs in order to catch the public eye. These trucks are filled with amazing vintage designer pieces, which makes it easier to the consumer since it’s on the go.


Nastygal, an online global destination founded by Sophia Amoruso, targets fashion forward, freethinking girls. In just five years, the company expanded from being an outlet on eBay, to becoming an international style house that offers a ton of vintage and new style pieces. The line gives young women an alternative more edgy option when it comes to everyday style. Because Nastygal is known for being the opposite of ordinary, it is extremely popular today in LA.


Dimepiece, LA is another online brand that focuses on cult graphics and street style looks. Starting only seven years ago, Dimepiece has now expanded to the celebrity wardrobe, giving the company even more credibility. Songdani and Aimee Song, two infamous LA Instagram bloggers, have expressed their passion for the line by publicizing the simple lifestyle brand through various social media outlets. Because the brand focuses on everyday street style, it is becoming more and more popular which allows it to fit in perfectly with the LA culture.

Fashion is what separates LA from the rest of the world. The unique culture and impeccable style is a way of life to those who reside in the area. As time goes on, styles change and new trends are born. By keeping up with new style ideas, LA continues to expand on creative fads and trends when it comes to fashion. 

L.A. Street Style 

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