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Avoiding Horrible Dates: Some Helpful Hints

By Sarah Baker

Hitting the dating scene can be difficult. You don’t want to go on a date just to have it being one of those dates you tell your girlfriends about, and not in a good way. Every date can’t be perfect, especially if the guy isn’t right for you, but are horrible dates inevitable? Maybe not. Here are some tips on how to avoid a bad date.

1. Know what you are looking for in a man and where to look for him. Do you want someone who goes to church? Then avoid the bar scene and try church activities. Do you want someone athletic? Try going to a ball field or park. Do you want someone who likes to read? Check out a library or bookstore.

2. Don’t expect perfection. You know you’re not perfect so don’t expect him to be. A lot of women go on a date expecting the date and the man to be perfect and when it’s not, claim it was awful. If you expect the unattainable and set your standards too high, you are bound to have a bad date even if it wasn’t all that bad.

3. Get to know him by phone/email/text or go on a pre-date for coffee before you set a “real” date. This allows you to get to know a guy and see if you’re compatible before going out to avoid a mistake date. If there is no connection or common ground, you are better off walking away without a date, thus avoiding having a bad time. *If you do end up on a bad date, you don’t have to stay on it. You can be honest with the guy and tell him that it’s just not working, or you could also use the good old excuse route and book it out of there.

4. Ask your family and friends for help. Ask them to set you up with someone compatible with you. Ask around before you go out.

5. Find out what he’s like before you go out with him. If you don’t like anything about him or hear he’s a player, you might want to avoid a date altogether.

It really is hard to know whether or not a guy is right for you or if the date will be horrible just by looking at him. The stories that we love to read and movies we love to watch overemphasis and overdramatize love, thus causing us to want the perfect guy/date and feeling like every date that isn’t perfect is a disaster. Get to know him and find out about him before you commit to a date if you are afraid it will be bad and keep an open mind about it. If it does turn out disastrous, remember you’re not the first or last woman to have one and at least you have a story to share with your girlfriends!

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