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Meo Out Jazz Festival: Music, Art, Food and Fun in Lisbon!

By Rachel Burt 
Edited by Sarah Baker 

Meo Out Jazz, Music, Art, Food and Fun!

Every Friday and Sunday evening in Lisbon, Portugal is the Meo Out Jazz festival. It hosts smooth jazz by some of the best DJs and musical performers. The Festival started with an idea from the event founder, Jose Filipe Rebelo Pinto, who wanted people to get to know Lisbon better. Meo Out Jazz brings together nature and urban culture with contemporary music, inviting people to gather and fall in love with the city together.  

For a Limited Time Only:

The festival usually only takes place from May through September in green spaces such as gardens and parks. I head towards the sounds of the music humming in the empty spaces of the historic streets and cafes. We were lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse of the 7th edition taking place inside at the Grand Museu Berardo (museum) for those artists and eccentrics this year.

Me enjoying the streets of Lisbon 

For me, the most exciting part of art and music festivals is the venders lined up with extraordinary delicacies and tapas. My favorite is the fresh fish complimented with the luxurious Portuguese wine. A popular consumption for festivals would be the “snails and beer,” a refreshing snack made mostly for socializing.

Happy Consumption:

The museum has a current exhibition called “Happy Consumption,” by Carla Fillipe. These collections date all the way back to the 1900s.  Her work from all over the world helps give spectators knowledge of the Portuguese railway system from a broader perspective that includes its geography, architecture, socio-political context and musealization. I was lucky enough to find a piece from one of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol.

If you love music and art, make sure you visit the Meo Out Jazz festival in Lisbon anytime between May and September. You’ll be sure to meet a lot of new people while enjoying some smooth jazz and falling in love with the city.

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