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How to Choose the Right Bra For Every Top

By Rachel Burt 

With countless occasions, e.g., cocktail parties, weddings, a night out on the town or a casual stroll in the park, we wear a variety of designs and are always adjusting (or taking-off) bra straps. Professional stylists do the bra fittings for celebrities, and I am here to do that for you. Below is a guide on how to choose the right bra for every top. 

Before diving into the guide, keep in mind that the key components of a bra are: 1. the cup, 2. the band and 3. the straps. It is very important that you know how to pick out the right bra for your size (see my previous article here) and then be able to chose the best bra for different occasions. Without further ado, here is what bra you wear with various types of tops:

1. Plunging v-neckline:  When in doubt, wear a plunging bra that attaches very deep at the center or try one of the silicone adhesive bras. The silicone adhesive bra can be worn with any type of t-shirt or informal top. 

2. T-shirt or fitted tops made with clingy fabric: With clingy fabrics, you will want to wear a seamless, full-coverage bra to smooth over the natural curves and bumps of your breasts. The reason you need to stick with a full-coverage option rather than a demi-cup is because you need to be sure the bra does not hit in the middle of your breast and have a dividing effect.

3. Spaghetti strap top: Every woman should have at least one bra in her closet that has thin spaghetti straps. When you wear a spaghetti strap tank, it is a sin to wear bra straps bigger than the tank top. Chose to wear matching bra straps or contrasting straps.

4. Strapless tops and dresses: While not the most comfortable,  strapless bras will do the trick to give you support  under strapless dresses.

5. Sheer top: Wear a flesh-colored bra or camisole with sheer tops, and they will almost disappear underneath the sheer top.  If you want to be a brave fashionista, wear a black bra with a white/vanilla colored sheet top (see the photo below). 

6. Wedding dress: Every woman knows that bustiers and corsets  will make you look fabulous on your wedding day. With that said, make sure to be fitted so that the corset is not deadly, i.e., unbearably tight, and you can breathe. 

There you have it fashionistas, I hope you found my styling tips for picking out an appropriate bra for the right occasion helpful. Signing off from New York City, until next time...xoxo.

Perfect Bra for a Backless Summer Tank-Top

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