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Top 5 Picks: What to Wear to the Office This Winter

By Jessica Miller

With winter here, you do not have to forgo looking fabulous to stay warm. In fact, layering clothes is a perfect way to show off your style. When in the office, it can be a tad bit tricky to look professional and fashionable. So, what to wear to work this winter season and look fabulously chic? Here are my top 5 picks:

1. Velvet blazer: perfect to go over a collared shirt, a cotton shirt or even a dress. Can dress it up or down depending on what you are wearing beneath. 

Make it a Power Blazer!
(In the center Sarah Jessica Parker sports a deep purple velvet blazer.) 

2. Colored tights: You may be thinking colored tights are only reserved for our favorite TV shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. However, you can elegantly pair colored tights with a unicolored dress (e.g., black, gray or other neutrals) without making a splash...unless of course that is what you aim to do. ;) 

Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively
 and Leighton Meester in Colored Tights
(Always love Sex and the City and Gossip Girl as our "go to guides" on anything fashion.)
3. Lace: Always sexy. You do not have to save the lace for the bedroom or for parties. You can elegantly pair lace with a blazer or wear dresses with conservative cuts and/or long sleeves. 

Lace Dresses for Work and for Parties

4. Winter white: White is no longer reserved only for the spring and the summer. Winter white is fresh, clean and memorable. If you want to be bold, wear white on white. Otherwise, white is easy to pair with anything. 

5. Everything Maroon: Walking through Zara, I noticed maroon everywhere. It seems to be the "it" color for this season, i.e. everything from maroon shoes to nail colors. Fashion tip: pair maroon with leopard print to make a splash. 

Fashionistas, just because you are in the office does not mean you have to look boring and out of date. I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to glow while at work. Until next time...xoxo! 

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