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The Perfect Girls Day Out: Therapy With My Friends

By Elma B.

We re-united with our childhood friend, whom I had not seen since 2009! All of us desperately needed an all girls trip to unwind and get our heads out of the daily rut (so to speak). 

Friends Since Childhood
So, there were no men involved and our all girl indulgence included a brunch at Ralph Lauren (fabulous place with great food), shopping, and chatting over tea and dessert for hours. I must admit that the ritual of discussing what shade of lipstick looks or purse size looked the best was therapeutic and something that only us girls would understand. 

At the end of the day, we all felt refreshed and very happy. In fact, an elderly couple on the street stopped us and remarked "I am not sure what you girls are up to but it looks like you are having a lot of fun." So when you need to unwind and get away, I suggest making an all girls day/weekend and surrendering to humor, pleasures and your other favorite past-time activities. 

Me in Chicago: A Little Bit of Shopping Therapy
All Girls Day Out

Us in Chicago

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