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Outfit of the Day: Casual-Chic

By Senka Haveric

Hello lovely fashionistas!

How was everyone's week? I hope you were productive and are now ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. If you are in Washington D.C., I have a couple of suggestions for you...

Me: Night After Halloween
On Sunday or Saturday go shopping at Friendship Heights in Chevy Chase and have a cute brunch in Bethesda, Maryland (very close to Georgetown). My personal favorite--Redwood. The restaurant has live Jazz and unlimited mimosas for only $15.00! The mood is splendid and the food delicious. 

For the fashionistas, below is my outfit dissected:

1. T-Shirt: Forever 21
2. Top: Aqua 
3. Jacket: Zara
4. Beanie: Dollar Store
5. Leggings: bought in Argentina 
6. Boots: Prune
7. Purse: Steve Madden
8. Sunglasses: Vintage

Me in Bethesda 
My Complete Look
Me in Redwood in Bethesda, Maryland 

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