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Nutritious & Delicious: Sushi Kit for Starters

By Elma B.

Nutritious & Delicious: Sushi Kit for Starters 

One of my favorite foods (if the not the favorite food) in the world is sushi both for its taste and its health benefits. Not long ago, I saw a BBC documentary that explained why the Japanese were some of the healthiest nations in the world...their staple food: sushi! (Note: Japanese rates of heart disease are amongst the lowest in the world.)

Please keep in mind that the following article is based on my opinion and very preliminary research. I am not a healthcare professional and this is not medical advice!

How to Pick a Sushi Place?

Mochi, Spicy Salmon Rolls and Green Tea Ice Cream

The first pointer about eating sushi is that it has to be made with extremely fresh ingredients in order for you to experience a mouthwatering sensation when you even think (or a preparing to eat sushi. The second pointer is if you do not know of great sushi places, ask around locally. There are some fairly pricy 5 star sushi restaurants but there are also amazingly delicious mom-n-pop sushi restaurants where the owners prepare your meals. 

My Own Experience Eating Sushi:

I noticed that every time I was finished eating sushi, I did not feel heavy or tired. The meal sat just right in my stomach. Moreover, the meal is light and helps me not have to rush to the gym. Also, the fresh fish and rice (along with my other healthy habits), has a positive impact on my skin. Thus, after the wholesome positive experience I had every time I ate sushi, I became sort of a sushi-addict.

Health Benefits of Sushi:

The primary ingredients of sushi are raw fish and rice. Some Quick Facts About Sushi: 

Sushi is only about 30% polyunsaturated fat. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to heart protection and improved circulation. As for rice, it is light and provides energy. (Note: although white rice contains less nutrients than brown rice, brown rice blocks the absorption of iron and calcium into the body.) And wasabi (the green-like paste): some scientists in Japan have discovered a compound called isoothiocyanates that can help prevent tooth decay. 

Other Staple Pieces in a Sushi Restaurant:

Try tofu; one of my favorites is lightly fried spicy tofu. The other amazing food that I discovered fairly recently was mochi (see the photo below).  My favorite is mochi with green tea ice cream. Finally, for a fun appetizer try spicy edamame, which is full of protein, light and very delicious. 

Below, you will find some of the delicious sushi plates I tried in Miami that include green tie ice cream and special sushi rolls.  Enjoy your Japanese experience foodistas! 

Green Tea Ice Cream
Crunchy Salmon Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls
Beautifully Made Sushi 

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