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How to Stay Stylish at the Beach

By Elma B.

When in Miami, you must visit the gorgeous Balboa Park on Biscayne Bay; the light house at the end the beach is magical! 

How to stay stylish at the beach? Here are some fashionista styling tips:

1. Linen (white and light pink): Linen is perfect during warm days because the material is light and comfortably flows around your body.

White Linen Perfect for Summer
2. Scarf: My personal favorite is Alexander McQueen with skulls as it adds a bit of rebel to your outfit. If you are wearing dark colors, add a baby pink Alexander McQueen scarf to add a feminine touch. See Nicole Richie & Ashley Olsen photos below.

Alexander McQueen Scarves in Varying Colors
& Ashley Olsen Wearing Alexander McQueen
Fashionista Nicole Richie Wearing Alexander McQueen
2. Jewlery: One of my favorite stores for affordable and cost saving statement jewelry pieces is Forever XXI. There is plenty of variety, and the pieces are very trendy. See my elephant necklace below. 

Forever 21: Cost Saving Tips for Fashionistas 
3. Makeup: Lips-tainer and eyeliner will do. Stay away from heavy make-up in the heat as your goal is to look natural and your makeup will melt throughout the day. 

Lighthouse on the beach

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