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Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends

By Elma B.

Oh the charms that the fall seasons brings…. 

Orange, red, yellow and green leaves beautifully blend together, and cool fall breeze begins to spread the colorful leaves all over the roads and grass, which makes autumn one of the most sensational seasons. 

I am a huge fan of fall fashion: I can escape from the heavy layers of winter clothing and get away with a light leather jacket, boots and a dress. For a bit of bohemian glamour, I added a light camel colored headband. 

Where to get my look: boots: Urban Outfitters; dress: Forever XXI; headband: Aldo; sunglasses: Versace; bag: Louis Vuitton tote; leather jacket: Zara. Makeup: gel eyeliner by MAC and pink lip stainer by Lip Tar (available in Sephora). 

What key fall pieces do I recommend for every fashionsta? My top 3: 

1. Leather jacket. 
2. Suede boots. 
3. Trendy accessory, e.g. a floppy bohemian hat or a thick wool headband. 

Hope you enjoyed my fashion tips, until next time…XOXO.

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