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Halloween with Hollywood: Vintage & Modern

By Elma B.

Witches on brooms, zombies from the grave, and pumpkins with a myriad of faces—anything is possible on Halloween. The magic, fantasy, and at least a bit of horror is what makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays. The fact that our imagination comes to life with individuals decorating their homes with spider webs, carved pumpkins with jack-o’-lanterns, and scarecrows is simply thrilling. We even let our alter egos out when picking out our favorite costumes and customizing the details of the outfit. Some go so far as wearing clothes that are 100s of years old, e.g., colonial uniforms or corsets from the Middle Ages. 

And how did it all begin? Well, some scholars say, the festivals of the dead and our pagan believes were what propelled the celebration of the ugly, the terrible and the horrifying creatures. One of my favorite Halloween movies is Disney’s Hocus Pocus, which stars Sarah Jessica Parker, and where three witches from 1693 comes back to life! Another must see Halloween flick is the Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.

Currently, we celebrate Halloween by lighting bonfires and conveying scary stories, playing pranks to scare our dear friends and visiting haunted attractions. Halloween tip: for a full fledge haunted experience, go to a corn field in the middle of no where (or at least some distance outside of your city) where film comes to life! 

Old Hollywood: Pin-up Halloween
Below, I have gathered a collection of some of the most creative Halloween costumes, including vintage photos and from some of our favorite Hollywood celebrities. I hope to inspire you to re-live your childhood fantasy as one of your favorite characters or simply to escape from reality by letting your alter ego out. Until next time, XOXO…

Hollywood Diva: Veronica Lake 
Old Hollywood Halloween Glamour: Joyce Holden

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