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What to Wear to the Office in the Fall? Top 10

By Lindsey Schmick

Fall Colors:

As summer draws to a close and you put away your fun and colored wardrobe, do not think for a second you have to compromise to the boring black, navy and gray look in the office. There are plenty of fall colors to choose from, e.g., plumb, dark yellow, deep orange, red, emerald green, vanilla, light pink, and winter white.

Office Look: Miranda Kerr and Victoria Bekcham 
Jessica Alba: Hues of Green Office Outfit Idea
Winter/Fall White
Add a touch of red to your outfit for color
Victoria Bekcham in Plumb 
Top 10 Items to Wear to the Office:

The main difference from fall to summer clothes is the type of materials used to tailor your fall clothing. So what are my top suggestions?

1. Pencil Skirts 

Miranda Kerr in a Black Pencil Skirt 
Miranda Kerr in a Pencil Skirt 
Black Pencil Skirt + Chanel Purse 
2. Shirt Dresses 

Shirt Dress with a Leather Patent Collar 

3. Short Blazers 

4. Lace Pumps 

5. Waisted Dresses (that flare out)

Victoria Bekcham in a Waisted Dress (that flares out)
6. Pencil Dresses 

Black Pencil Dress 
Miranda Kerr: Office Outfit Idea--Nude Pencil Dress 
Victoria Beckham in a Pencil Dress and Louboutin Heels 
7. Dresses with Lace Details 

Miranda Kerr in Red Dress with a Laced Detail
8. Velvet Pieces (blazer, skirt, or dress)
9.  Cocktail dresses 
10. Prints: classic prints (e.g., houndstooth) and leopard spots are all the buzz this season! 

I hope you found my tips helpful! Please leave your comments below or drop us a line with any questions at Until next time....xoxo!!

Brigitte Bardot

Miranda Kerr Office Look
Miranda Kerr, Kourtney Kardashian, and Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo (left)

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