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Perfect Day in London: Mayfair + Saatchi Gallery

By Elma B.

After living in Mayfair for quite some time, I can tell you that London transforms into another city on a sunny day. I can almost say the transformation is magical: the buildings are brighter, the streets are lighter and the its parks are greener. Traveling tip: when picking out a weekend in London, make sure to pick out a sunny weekend; your experience and view of London will completely different--for the better! 

On this sunny day we decided to stroll through Mayfair, and afterwards visited the Saatchi Gallery in Knightsbridge, about a 10 minute drive from Mayfair. The gallery was lovely, full of bright lights and  fun contemporary art.  Traveling tip: There is a charming cafe in front of the gallery, which is perfect to end your day with tea, sweets and people watching; right across the street from the Saatchi Gallery, there are plenty of wonderful shops and restaurants. 

Below, I am wearing a Zara pastel pink blazer, Armani silver dress, Tory Burch sunglasses, Lip Tar  stained gloss (vegan!), Miu-Miu pink flats, and Louis Vuitton speedy. Hope you enjoyed with me one of the rare sunny weekends in London! Until next time...xoxo! 

Pink Miu Miu Flats
Saatchi Gallery Contemporary Art 

In Front of the Saatchi Gallery 
Afternoon Delights in Front of the Saatchi Gallery 

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