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Exclusive and Private Masterpieces at Art Expo Chicago

By Elma B.

Exclusive and private—indeed were some of the events during Expo Chicago, which is the international exposition of contemporary and modern art representing 17 countries and 36 cities, e.g. Tokyo, Madrid, Miami, New York City, London, Frankfurt and Chicago. There were private gallery viewings, made by a group of select curators and collectors hosted at the Festival Hall at Navy Pier. The art consisted of several forms, e.g., metal, photography, and paintings; I even saw sine spectacular pieces by Pablo Picasso and Annie Leibovitz!

Navy Pier Chicago

For the fashionistas, I am wearing a Burberry tote, Giorgio Armani sunglasses, Intermix bracelets, Zara dress and blazer, and vintage shoes I bought in the Hague, Netherlands. 

All about accessories: Intermix bracelet with gold and silver chain, D&G watch, Burberry tote

Michigan Avenue Entertainment 

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benilhalk said...

It seems like that everyone had a wonderful time over there. Loved watching these photos. My friends and I are also huge fans of art works so we would be attending an upcoming event at some local event venues Chicago. Hoping to have some great time over there.


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