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A Fabulous Affair: Roberto Cavalli Party in St. Tropez!

By Elma B.

It was one of those warm and breezy summer nights; my sister and I had just spent about an hour powdering our noses and blow drying our very long hair. I thought this would be a night like any other in St. Tropez: we would dine with friends, and afterwards go to a lounge and enjoy some upbeat summer tunes... 

We had agreed to meet a friend, who had invited us to what he said would be a very "fabulous" party... As we waited in front of the store of Roberto Cavalli's boutique, we spotted the King of Fashion himself: Karl Lagerfeld! He was casually strolling along the streets of St. Tropez except nothing about him was actually casual or ordinary! He simply stood out! He wore all white: blazer, shirt,  and tie, with black pants and half cut gloves. Although he is 80 years old, he looks spectacular! He was simply glowing and carried himself with such poise (see the photo below)...

Club Fashionista girls with Roberto Cavalli  

Spotted: Karl Lagerfeld 
After Karl Lagerfeld had passed by and I managed to snap an iPhone photo of him, my friend informed us that he was taking us to Roberto Cavalli's party! The party would be held in front of the official Roberto Cavalli store under white umbrellas and champagne, strawberries, chocolate and live music would set the mood. It was the opening of the Roberto Cavalli cafe in St. Tropez! As we arrived to the party, we immediately spotted Mr. Cavalli's large table at the entrance, where he sat casually and chatted with a group of fabulous friends; also at the table, there was his adorable German Shepard and one of Cavalli's younger sons...  

We were introduced by my Italian friend and briefly chatted with Roberto Cavalli; he was quite pleasant and had a very bold character. He told us that he was staying on his deep purple yacht and loves frequenting St. Tropez during the summer... We have always been fans of his exotic prints, and after meeting him, I can see that his personality is truly reflected through his designs! He is simply extraordinarily talented! Take a look at some of my photos below...until next time...xoxo! 

Roberto Cavalli Yacht

Me in St Tropez

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