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Top 5 Facts About Monaco + Traveling Tips

By Elma B.

Monaco is an ideal vacation spot because its southern side faces the Mediterranean Sea and its other sides are surrounded by France and its desirable cities like Cannes and Nice and the village of St. Tropez. Monaco is known the most for its Grand Prix and its Monte-Carlo Casino complex.

1. Princess Grace Kelly:  Monaco, which is the 2nd smallest "country" (really a city-state) in the world (the first is Vatican City) and covers only 2 square kilometers (about 1.24 miles), gained an enormous spotlight after America's Hollywood darling married Prince Rainer III. The American media flocked to Monaco and its coverage increased enormously in the U.S. and around the globe; the public across the globe became exposed to (sometimes on a daily basis) of the world's second smallest monarchy. 

2.  No Taxes: To incentivize foreign investment into this small city-state, the residents and citizens of Monaco enjoy a more or less tax-free lifestyle. Monaco sustains itself mostly from tourism and only five percent of its income come from casino profits. Interesting fact: citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble or even visit the casinos. 

3. No Airports in Monaco: Most tourists land in Nice, which is just a 30 minute drive from Monaco. Thus, there is no private airport for jets. However, there is a "heliport" that supports the landing of private helicopters. 

4. Population of Monaco-- Only 7,000: There is a total of around 35,000 of residents of Monaco; however, only around 7,000 are citizens with a Monaco passport. The remaining population is French, Italians, Germans and some other nationalities. 

5. James Bond's Paradise: Three James Bond movies have been filmed at the Monte Carlo Casino: Casino Royal, Golden Eye, and Never Say Never Again. The facade and the interior decor of the Monte Carlo Casino are very suitable for the film industry as both echo with opulence and old school European sophistication.   


When traveling to Monaco, try to go when there is a major event taking place like:

  • The Princess of Hanover's Rose Ball in March
  • Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra outdoor concert at Prince's Palace in July
  • Tennis Masters Series in April
  • Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May
  • International Marathon in November
Below, you will find some of my personal photos from Monaco. I hope you enjoyed my travel suggestions! Until next time...Xoxo

p.s. For the fashionistas, I am wearing a dark lemon maxi skirts, dark green tube top, black flip flops, Miu-Miu black bag, and Giorgio Armani sunglasses. 

With my sister...

In front of the Monte-Carlo Opera 

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