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The Most Beautiful Private Gardens

By Amra B. 

There are gardens that take your breath away just by the sheer size of the landscape involved (e.g., the Versailles is an excellent example). These spectacular (but also obvious) displays of never ending volume of flowers and perfectly groomed shrubs never fail to impress. However, this post is dedicated to those less "grand" but equally beautiful gardens developed and cared for by a single family household. 

The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Mevagissey in the U.K. 

Recently, I read an article about an elderly English couple, who devoted 15 years of their life into making a tropical oasis in their backyard. The elderly couple (husband 73 and wife 67) had never visited a tropical country, yet their imagination lead them to create their own "garden of Eden." They explained it would take them up to 12 hours a day to maintain their "slice of paradise" and how much extra care the tropical plants required with the rainy (and sometimes quite cold) English weather [1]. I found their creation and many others below to resemble The Secret Garden movie, which I watched as a child. There is something so magical about these colorful creations that transport us (even for a brief moment) to another world, where worries of the concrete city seem so far far away. 

Below are some photos of the most beautiful private garden creations from around the world! Enjoy! 

Corfu, Greece
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Newburyport, MA USA

Shanghai, China

Japanese Garden 
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Canadian Gardens 
Ninfa, Italy 
Connecticut, USA
San Francisco, USA
 Ka’ana, Belize 
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phuket, Thailand

Marysville, Victoria, Australia


1. D. Wilkes. Our Back Garden. Retrieved on August 5th, 2013 from

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