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Mellow Yellow

By Amra B. 

I have had this post pending for some time now, and I finally decided to get around to it. Returning from my fun in the sun has not been easy: I have been suffering from the "post vacation blues." Also, the weather in the London has not always been so great since I have returned; although the sun is shining as we speak, gloomy days can be quite common.  My philosophy on dressing has always been: dress for your mood! What I wore below most likely coincided with my nostalgia for the beach and the sun. I really like bell bottoms and think they are a nice change from the ever so present skinny jeans that are always all around me (I am guilty of wearing them most of the time too). In general, I am a big fan of the 60s and 70s fashion, and my outfit below has been inspired by the 70s bell bottoms and short sweaters. My yellow sweater is a little reminder of the sun in the South of France, and I adore wedge sandals for almost any occasion. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and I wish you a positive and productive week! 

Outfit: jeans Juicy Couture, sweater Zara, wedges Michael Kors, sunnies Dolce&Gabbana, purse Louis Vuitton, jewelry Swarovski 


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AmericaaBey said...

You look very nice and comfortable. I love those colors together


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