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How to Get Rid of Cellulite (Right Before Your Vacation)

By Amra B. 
Problem: I have cellulite and my vacation is coming up!

I despise cellulite. Although, summer is the perfect time to show off your legs in amazing dresses, shorts, and bathing suits, it is also the season that "forces" our cellulite on the display for everyone to see. I don't mean to obsess over this one aspect of female bodies, but I sympathize with many women who wish they could get rid of their "orange skin appearance." Now that your vacation is right around the corner, the problem of cellulite becomes even more exorbitant. Luckly, there is a way in which you can reduce the appearance of cellulite even if you have only one week left! 

*Please note that this is not medical advice but is rather based on my personal experience.*


Cellulite results from "enlarged packets of body fat–deposited deep underneath the skin–that push up against the underlying connective tissue" [1]. As the muscles gets looser (from the lack of exercise) and the fat increases (due to the poor diet) cellulite gets worse. Below are some solutions I have personally tried that have helped me get rid of my cellulite:

Me in Costa Rica

Me in St Tropez, France 

Me in Costa Rica 

Me on the beaches of Costa Rica 

Exercise: I cannot stress how much exercise helps with the appearance of cellulite. Excersice fights cellulite in two ways: improvement in muscle tissue and decrease in the size of the fat cells. Personally, exercise has gotten rid of about 80 percent of my cellulite. Please note that I say 80%, because I believe that diet is responsible for the other 10-20 percent. During my "skinny days," I did not exercise and had much more cellulite than I do now. 
Before vacation, I engage in serious exercise: I tend to do aerobics, body pump, or cycling classes one after another. I spend about 2 hours in the gym every day for about 7 -10 days and I see visible results. Note* If you are out of shape, you may still spend 2 hours in the gym daily, but make sure that your load is less intense. Also, if your muscles hurt afterwards, I find that a hot shower and half of pain killer tablet help.  

Diet: I do not eat sweets or fried foods for 7-10 days before my vacation. Also, I substitute carbohydrates that I usually consume (in relatively large amounts) with protein, fruits, and vegetables. My diet consists of the following:

  • Breakfast: one serving of oatmeal with fruit topping, cafe latte, and a glass of beetroot juice
  • Lunch: medium chicken salad with a slice of whole wheat bread or croutons
  • Dinner: Sushi bento box with six pieces of maki rolls, 6 pieces of salmon sashimi, and a serving of edamame 
  • Snack: one banana, one apple, two servings of chopped fruits, a handful of almonds 

Note* I advise to drink loads of water or tea (always and especially during this time) as hydrated skin shows less cellulite. 

Skin firming lotions: I have tried many lotions for cellulite and I can attest that, unfortunately, they do not really work. I know that there is an incredible marketing plot out there to convince us of some miracle creams with miracle results, but if you read the reviews of the products you will see that they are ineffective in getting rid of cellulite. What they do is hydrate your skin and give the appearance of reduction in dimples. However, any skin cream that hydrates your skin will have the same effect. I advise to use "Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Cream" right after you shower. I slaughter this lotion on after I complete my workout in the evening and go to bed. In the morning, my skin appears subtle and radiant. 

I hope my tips help you look amazing this summer!




Andi said...

It is amazing! Very good tips and true story! Sport and healthy lifestyle are the keys of the secret! Thank you!!

jade said...

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