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Alexander McQueen Clutch

By Elma B.

Alexander McQueen has a collection of skull clutches, which have been made in almost every color with various embellishments and themes, e.g. pearls coupled with skulls, the U.K. flag coupled with skulls, fringes coupled with skulls, etc.  

Many fashionista celebrities, e.g. Nicole Richie, and Elle McPherson, have been spotted wearing the McQueen clutches. I have provided some photos of the clutches so that you may have a feel for their size in relation to your hand. The McQueen clutches are unique in my mind because they are both elegant and rebellious; skulls coupled with a classical shape and size. See the photos below, what do you think? 

Emma Stone's Alexander McQueen Clutch
from the SAG Awards

Alexander McQueen Encrusted Britania Clutch
Alexander McQueen
Embroidered Satin Knuckle Skull Clutch
Alexander McQueen Pearl Encrusted Skull Clutch 

Alexander McQueen Woven Cord Box Clutch 

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