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Romeo and Juliet 1996

By Elma B.

I was only 10 years old in 1996, and I recall that my childhood best friend, who was 13, insisted that we watch the movie Rome and Juliet. Indeed, we saw Rome & Juliet. I was not terribly impressed as there was a lot of blood, and I was not interested in a love story being only 10 years old. With that said, I would definitely like to see Rome & Juliet again to see the film with different eyes especially in the light of the upcoming release of Rome and Juliet, starring Haillee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, in July of 2013. 

Rome & Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in 1996 is a romantic-drama adaptation of William Shakespeare's Rome & Juliet. While the original Shakespearean dialogue remains intact, the two warring families (Montagues and the Capulets) are warring business empires. Also, guns instead of swords are used by the warring families. At the time Rome & Juliet was released Leonardo DiCaprio was only 22 years old and Claire Danes was only 17. In case you have not seen the 1996 Rome & Juliet, I would highly recommend you do before seeing the new Rome & Juliet in theaters in July. Here are some photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the 1996 version.  What do you think?

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