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Hamleys Toy Shop Regent Street

By Elma B.

Good morning fashionistas! Happy Monday! 

I wanted to share with you a bit of my weekend during which I relaxed and took the time out to be a kid again. We visited Hamleys Toy Shop on Regent St. in London. The store is very bright and lively; it is London's largest toy story and entails several floors. Hamleys is akin to the Fao Schwarz Toy Store in New York City on 5th Ave.  In the photos below I found two pieces of adorable luggage for children made by the Hello Kitty Brand. The two suit cases are bright pink, which is enough to make any little girl smile. 

After Hamleys, we decided to venture off to Westfield London Shopping Centre, which is a huge mall that entails a large range of brands, e.g. Luis Vuitton to Zara. Westfield was quite lovely and especially cozy on a terribly rainy Friday evening. My photos were taken in front of a pretty black and white patterned background. 

As for my outfit, I decided to brighten the black ensemble by wearing a bright pink t-shirt by Victoria's Secret Pink underneath my black blazer. I wore high heeled boots and my favorite Chanel 2.55 bag. 

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