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Tramp Private Members-Only Nightclub

By Elma B.

For all of you who adore the exclusive lifestyle and parties, Tramp may be just the place for you. After a friend of ours invited us for a night out in London, we ventured off to Tramp. The private members-only club is relatively small in size and has beautiful wood decor. Aside from a lively nightclub, there are dining options in Tramp. On Saturdays, the place is quite lively and full of people from all around the world. 

As for my ensemble, I decided (unintentionally) to look like Snow White. I wore a bright blue top with a yellow long partially-sheer-skirt. I choose this outfit because of the design and the bright colors. Enjoy your Monday and stay tuned for more of my adventures in London and around the globe. Xo. 

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