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Flat Shoes for Women

By Elma B.

Good morning fashionistas! 

Now that spring and summer are around the corner, and we can toss the heavy boots into our the back of our closets, what kind of spring/summer shoes do you have in mind? Personally, when in the city and running around, my ideal shoes are comfortable flats. Goodbye pain! Even if you adore high heels and have difficulties parting with them, place a pair of flats in your purse just in case. Here are some photos of  designer flats I thought were bright and fun for the spring and summer. I would prefer them with a black skirt or jeans. What do you think fashionistas? Which pair is your favorite?

Prada Flats
Chloe Ballerinas
Alexa Chung in Valentino Studded Flats

Rosie Huntington Whitley in Chloe Flats

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