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Daytime Makeup

By Amra B. 

I vary my makeup during the day depending on my mood and on the weather. In my last post on makeup, I suggested using brighter lipstick on a rainy/cloudy day. Today, however, the sun is shining in London (SO AMAZING) and I am totally rocking a more natural look. I did a smokey brown eye with minimal foundation and a natural lip. I love this look pretty much on any day and it is very simple to create in the morning. Also, if you are as pale as I am right now, I suggest using a little bronzer on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. I am currently using a MAC limited edition bronzer that I bought at the end of last summer (yes, I stacked up on this bronzer because it is only available during the summer). I also bought a limited edition Guerilain Emilio Pucci bronzer, but I have yet to try it because I would like to try and use up my MAC one. 

Below I am attaching a video (CLICK HERE) on how to create an amazing smokey eye for the day. Also, you can check out my up-and-close photos below of my daytime look. If you have some great day time beauty/makeup tips, feel free to write us on! XOXO

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