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Scents of Arabia

By Aziza S.

The history of Arabic perfumes dates back to 5,000 years ago. Arabic perfumes are considered a part of the exotic traditions of the Middle Eastern Culture. The ingredients in a traditional Arabian perfume are patchouli, amber, musk, Turkish rose, and oud. The common fragrance and the most famous is Dhan al Ward and Dhan al Oud. The two most admired types of Arabic perfumes are Oud and Bukhoor.

Oud is a naturally scented wood that is used on the skin or in the home. The smoke spreads the smell around the house or on your clothes. Bukhoor is a combination of different fragrances; the perfume comes in a variety of forms. The most commonly used are the round pieces that are burnt in houses and shopping malls throughout the Middle East. Believe me, the aromas of the perfumes are beyond your imagination. The most famous perfume makers who use Oud in their line are: Tom Ford, Creed, Montale, and Hermes.

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