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Ancient Beauty Secrets: Moroccan/Turkish Hammam

By Aziza S.

Arab women take pride in their exotic beauty and know how to maintain it. Researches have shown that Arab women have the youngest and healthiest skin. The culture and customs help the Arab women to maintain the quality of their skin. For example, many of the Arab women keep most parts of their body covered at all times; hence, their skin is less exposed to the sun and its damaging effects.  

Another cultural norm that helps Arab women rejuvenate their skin are the Moroccan or Turkish Hammam, which are the traditional sauna baths that have a magnificent effect on the body. Visits to the Moroccan/Turkish Hammam is a part of many Arab women's weekly routine. 

The process of the hamam is as follows and could vary from spa to spa: before a body scrub, traditional black soap with eucalyptus oil is applied to the whole body by using a special Moroccan glove to exfoliate the skin. Subsequently, the there is an Argan oil rub. This process removes all dead cells from your skin, leaves it silky smooth, stimulates blood circulation, and tones and firms the skin. Lastly, perfumed oil is applied to the skin in order for the women to have a glorious scent.


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