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Angelina Jolie Designer: Belma Tvico

By Nerina H.

A fashion designer’s dream come true: Belma Tvico designs gowns for Angelina Jolie 

Belma Tvico started designing as a child when she made special outfits for her Barbie dolls. Today, her designs are worn by many real-life beauties. Belma Tvico lives for fashion. Although she graduated with a B.A. in Economics, Belma’s love for design made her attend college of Textile Design and Technology at University of Sarajevo, where she excelled in every subject. In 2010, Belma was also named by the Bosnian and Hercegovinian magazine Rejting as one of the most successful people in the country. 

Now, exclusively for Club Fashionista, Belma Tvico shares her aspirations, plans, and much more! 

Part I. Behind the Scenes: Designing for Angelina Jolie!

CF: Did you decide yourself to design dresses for Angelina Jolie or did someone ask you to be Jolie’s designer? 

BT: I decided myself to give Angelina Jolie my dresses as a gift. 

CF: Are there particular reasons you decided to gift your dresses to Aneglina Jolie like the fact that she had filmed In the Land of Blood and Honey in Bosnia? 

BT: The film and altogether Jolie’s efforts in Bosnia inspired me to gift my personal designs. I was very moved by the fact that Angelina Jolie chose to discuss and depict all the agony that we had to live through during the Bosnian war in the early 1990s. For the entire duration of the war in Bosnia, I was there; I was only a child then. All of the survivors of the war share a common experience; we understand one another. 

CF: How did you send her the dresses? 

BT: My dear friend, Leila Kurbegovic, who is also a well-known host of the show Sarajevo Art featured on Television Sarajevo, delivered the dresses to Angelina Jolie. Leila interviewed Angelina Jolie during the Berlin Film Festival for the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey. 

CF: Did you find out whether Angelina Jolie wore the dresses and if so, where she wore the dresses? 

BT: I never found out whether she wore my dresses. My wish is that she wears the dresses to some very special event, which will present Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best light possible. I am sure that she will wear them. 

CF: What were the sizes of the dresses you designed for Angelina Jolie? What type of materials did you use? Were there some special details to the dresses? 

BT: At the time, there were rumors that Angelina Jolie was pregnant again. Hence, the dresses were size 36 (U.S. 4 or 5). I tried to find her measurements on the Internet. I designed a dress, which she could wear while pregnant. The color of one dress was the color of honey with hand-made lace; the dress was made of silk. The color of another dress was black; the dress was made of silk and the top part of the dress was made with lace that was elastic with hand-sown pearls. The top looked like a corset. I had only a week to design the dresses. Hence, it was very stressful and my team did not sleep much that week. 

CF: Have you ever worked before for megastars like Angelina Jolie or was this your first stab in designing for the Hollywood’s A list? 

BT: Yes, this was my first time designing dresses for a Hollywood megastar. For my next designs for a major Hollywood star, I aim to produce dresses that have a TVICO signature mark on the Red Carpet. 

Part II. More about Belma Tvico

CF: What inspires your collections? 

Belma Tvico (BT): I draw my inspiration from books, magazines, music, films, and everything else that surrounds me. I mostly am inspired by nature and by traveling to exotic destinations. 

CF: Are there any magazines or books (not necessarily the ones about design) that you feel are relevant to your work and success as a designer? 

BT: It is hard to distinguish one special book or a magazine that I read and learn from. Everything I read is very useful for my type of work. Books and the magazines that I tend to read on a daily basis do not have a special fashion prefix. I read a lot on marketing, one discipline that is particularly beneficial for my line of work. I also enjoy books on photography, which I believe are essential to fashion. It is important that we learn everyday and work on building our character. I strive to build my inner strength as well as my brand “TVICO,” which is currently becoming quite famous with fashion lovers. 

CF: You have recently launched Istanbul & Belma Tvico Stambol. How did you come up with this concept and why? 

BT: This is one long and beautiful story, which I very much enjoying repeating. I was collaborating with a model, Emina Karisik, who wore my creations when she won a modeling contest for which she traveled to Istanbul. Upon Emina’s request, I accompanied her to Istanbul, and I started working for the renowned fashion brand Big Star. Although the invite was initially extended for only a month, I received (only after ten days) a full-time offer and an apartment. It all seemed like a dream. Back then I was only an economics student at the University of Sarajevo completing my first year of college. This offer, however, was the one I could not refuse. I worked in the Big Star jeans division for two years. While at Big Star, I learned a lot about the process of designing and tailoring jeans. I remember using the time in Big Star to learn as much as humanly possible. Also, I was able to create new products for the brand that sold particularly well. My first project consisted of designing pieces for the European and Russian market. Russians made up the largest number of consumers; they were also the most demanding. It seems that they are ahead of other markets when it comes to fashion and that trends in Russia change from one minute to the next. This was an opportunity for me to attend many seminars dedicated to design and fashion, including processing and manufacturing of buttons, materials, and thread. 

CF: In your biography, you mention your work with the AR brand , on which you worked with the director of the Sarajevo Fashion Week—Amela Radan. Could you tell us a little bit more about your responsibilities, and what is going on with this brand today? 

BT: I have been presenting my collections at the Sarajevo Fashion Week since I was seventeen years old. While in high school, at the request of my professor Samre Mujezinovic, I presented my first collection in 2003. At the time, I was the youngest designer. Since then, I have been collaborating with Amela Radan. Once I returned from Istanbul, I started working for the AR brand. Amela invited me to work on a project called “Greetings from Sarajevo,” which is a collection that has received a lot of praise and has become well known around the world. 

CF: How do you pick models who wear your creations in fashion shows and editorials? Do you have some favorite girls who you always pick? Have you ever had some bad experience when picking out models? And do you have a “black list” of the models you would never work with? 

BT: I like to choose feminine, elegant, and sophisticated girls to model my clothes. I do love a typical Bosnian beauty, who has curves, qualities, and faults. I maintain a good relationship with my models, and I do not have a “black list” of models I would not work with. 

CFS: What would be your “dream job” in the fashion industry? 

BT: I dream big! I would love to work for design houses Ellie Saab and Georgio Armani. My dream is to make the brand “TVICO” into an international powerhouse. Also, I would love to work more on wedding gowns, ball gowns and create haute couture looks. I hope to present my collection during the Paris Fashion Week one day and design large collections. Like I said, I dream big! 

CFS: Where are we able to purchase your amazing creations? 

BT: You may purchase my designs in my store that is located in Telali 7, Sarajevo. Also, you may order through my website Customers will soon be able to purchase directly through an online shop on my website. 

CF: Do you believe your creations to be somewhat out of reach for the average consumer in terms of the price? 

BT: I believe that my creations are quite affordable. Since the begging, I have attempted to make my designs accessible to the average consumer. I believe that the price is particularly reasonable when you consider the uniqueness of the designs and the quality of the material. 

CF: Can you pick out your top five most meaningful fashion moments during your career? 

BT: Well there are seven. 

1. 2003: My first fashion show in Sarajevo Fashion Week. 

2. 2006: My first job for the brand Big Star and the launching of their first jeans collection. 

3. 2008: Opening of the first showroom Belmadino and the brand TVICO 

4. 2009: Collaboration with the brand AR and working on the collection “Greetings from Sarajevo,” and promoting this collection in USA, France, Montenegro, Turkey, Austria, Spain, China, and Italy 

5. 2010: Bosnian and Hercegovinian magazine Reijting declaring me as the most successful designer in the country 

6. 2010: My first line of handmade shoes in collaboration with the well-known shoemaker from Sarajevo: Ado Kalajdzisalihovicem. Also, launching of a jewelry line in a collaboration with the respected jewelry house Farusic. 

7. 2012: Designing numerous gowns for the megastar Angelina Jolie. 

In Bosnian:

Bosanka koja zivi svoj san : Tvico kreacije za Angelinu Jolie! 

Prve korake ka modnom svijetu zapocela je jos u ranom djetinjstvu, kada su njene kreacije nosile Barbi lutkice. I danas njen dizajn nose ljepotice, ali one koje disu, hodaju, zive. U gradu kao sto je Sarajevo, moda se najcesce ubraja u hobi, odnosno dodatno zanimanje, jer mali je broj onih koji mogu ovdje da zive od mode. Belma je upravo jedna od njih. Ona zivi od mode i za modu! Bavila se ona i ekonomskim naukama, ali ljubav prema dizajnu je prevagnula, te Belma nakon uspjesno zavrsene prve godine Ekonomskog fakulteta, prelazi na Tekstilno-tehnoloski fakultet gdje postize izvanredne rezultate. 

Kreativnost je osobina koja krasi ovu mladu horoskopsku ribu, a njenoj uspjesnosti u modnim vodama ide u prilog i to da ju je BiH magazin "Rejting" 2010. godine uvrstio na listu najuspjesnijih u nasoj zemlji.

U nastavku, samo na Club fashionista, intervju sa lijepom i talentovanom sarajevskom dizajnericom Belmom Tvico Stambol! Uzivajte! 

CF: Da li si se sama odlucila da pripremis haljine za nju, ili si pozvala od strane nekoga ?? 

BT: Sama sam odlucila da pokoloni AnGELINI Jolie haljinu . 

CF: Otkud ideja za takve haljine? Je li isniracija bio Angelinin film "U zemlji krvi i meda" ili njen sveukupni dosadasnji rad ? 

BT: Inspiracija je bio film ali I njen cjelokupan angazman I djelovanje …. Haljine su nastale prvenstveno inspiracijom U zemlji krvi I meda . Bila sam jako dirnuta cinjenicom I jako ponosna daje bas ona izabrala temu bOsne I Hercegovine I SVOG PAKLA KOHI SMO PROSLI U RATU. Ja sam dijete koje je citav rat bilo uu SArajevu , u srcu bascarsije,…. Svi koji smo dozivjeli rat u BIH znaju kako je to bilo….. 

Crna haljian “Land “ simbolizira nasu zemlju natopljenu krvlju , bez HAJINA “Honey” SIMBOLIZIRA budućnost nase zelje , jer vjerujem da je ovo zemlja u kojoj je sve vise mladih generacija rsati I koje ce biti internacionalno uspjesni , al ice I dalje voljeti tvoju zemlju I ciniti dobro za nju. 

CF: Kako si joj poslala haljine? 

BT: Haljine joj jeuručila moja drag aprijateljica , poznata urednica Sarajevo Arta na TvSA , Leila Kurbegovic koja je bila pozvana na intervju na BErlin film festival predpremijeru FILAM U zeMLJI KRVI I MEDA. 

CF: Da li si dobila povratne info u vezi tih haljina ( ukoliko ih je negdje obukla i slicno) 

BT: Nisam dobila informacije o tome da I je nosila, moja zelja je bila da kada je bude nosila da to bude zaista poseban događaj koji ce I za BOSNU I Hercegovinu prezentirati u najboljem sjaju I sigurna sam da će je nositi . 

CF: U kojoj velicini si pravila haljine za nju? Od kojeg materijala? Koji su posebni detalji? 

BT: Tadaje bila priča da je Angelin Jolie ponovo trudna ….., tako das am hajinu radial konfekcijskog br 36 , pokusala sam naci mjere na internet…., I dizajnirala sam haljinu koju moze nositi kao trudnica .pazljivo sam osmislila kroj u kojem cak I visokom stepenu trudnoce moze da nosi. 

Bez haljian, odnosno boja meda ,Haljina HONEY je rađena od čipke, ručni rad veza., a podloga je svilena. 

Dok crna haljian LAND je urađena od svile ,a godnji dio od tila sa elastinom I cipke , rucno perlane kao korzet . 

CF: Da li si radila za jos neke svjetske zvijezde raniej, ili su haljien za Angelinu tvoj "prvi proboj" ka Hollywoodu ? 

BT: Da ovo je prvi put da samdizajnirala haljinu za holivudsku glumicu, ali zelim da u budućnosti haljine sa potpisom TVICO budu na Red carpet-u . 

Club Fashionista Sarajevo: Osim uobicajenih online blogova i galerija, sta je ono iz cega crpite inspiraciju za svoje kolekcije? 

Inspiraciju crpim iz knjiga, magazina, muzike, filmova i svega sto me okruzuje , a najvise prirode i putovanja . 

CFS: Postoje li modni magazini ili knjige ( ne nuzno knjige o dizajnu) koje smatrate korisnim za Vas rad i napredak kao dizajnera? 

Tesko je izdvojiti jednu knjigu ili magazine koje citam i iz kojih ucim. Sve sto procitam veoma je korisno za moj rad. Knjige i casopisi koje ja citam nemaju uvijek prefiks modni. Cesto citam literaturu iz oblasti marketinga koji mi je takodjer jako bitan za moj posao. Nadje se tu i literatura posvecena fotografiji bez koje je, po mom misljenju, moda nezamisliva. Bitno je da covjek svaki dan nesto nauci i da radi na izgradjivanju svoje licnosti, a ja to cinim svakodnevno i pokusavam sve vise nadograditi svoj brend “TVICO” koji je danas ipak poznat u krugu onih koji prate i postuju modu. 

CFS: Istanbul & Belma Tvico Stambol - kada, koliko dugo, zasto? 

Duga i zaista divna prica. Cesto je i rado ponavljam. Tada sam saradjivala sa manekenkom Eminom Karisik koja je nosila moju haljinu i s njom je pobijedila i dobila priliku da otputuje u Istanbul. Na njen poziv sam u Istanbul doputovala i ja, gdje sam pocela raditi u renomiranoj internacionalnoj modnoj kuci “Big Star”. Iako je probni rad trebao trajati mjesec dana, ja sam vec nakon deset dana dobila stalno zaposlenje i stan. Sve mi se to cinilo kao jedan veliki san. Tada sam bila studentica Ekonomskog fakulteta i zavrsavala ispite s prve godine i bas u periodu ljetnog raspusta dobila sam ovu ponudu koju nisam mogla odbiti. Istanbul je grad o kojem sam uvijek sanjala i zeljela sam zivjeti u njemu i eto taj san je postao moja java. Radila sam dvije godine u Big Star jeans-u i svaki dan sam ucila puno o jeansu i samom procesu izrade, sto ranije nisam znala. Posao sam dobila zahvaljujuci talentu, kreativnosti i dotadasnjim predstavljanjima na Sarajevo fashion weeku . Te dane provedene u Big Staru sam koristila do posljednjeg atoma. Brzo sam ucila i pamtila sam svaki detalj bitan za moju struku, sto mi je poslije mnogo pomoglo u radu. Stvarala sam i nove proizvode koji su se neocekivano dobro prodavli. Moj prvi zadatak je bio dizajnirati za Rusko i Evropsko trziste . Rusi su bili najveći, a ujedno i najzahtjevniji kupci. Cini mi se da oni idu prije svih trendova i da se kod njih iz minute u minut mijenjaju trendovi. Bila je to prilika za mene da idem na različite edukacije, posjecujem semirane, sajmove posvecene razlicitim procesima proizvodnje: od dugmeta do materijala, preko procesa izrade. Ponekada mi se cini da u BiH nikada neću imati priliku iskoristiti svo to steceno znanje i to zbog veoma lose situacije u nasoj “modnoj” industriji. Mnogi me pitaju i danas zasto sam se vratila iz Turske, a odgovor je jednostavan, nazalost nisam uspjela dobiti papire potrebne za boravak, tako da mi je jedino preostalo da se vratim u Sarajevo i pokrenem svoj biznis. 

CFS: U Vasoj biografiji evidentiran je i rad za "AR" brand zajedno sa direktoricom Sarajevo Fashion weeka Amelom Radan, te nam recite koja su bila vasa zaduzenja, te sta je danas sa tim brandom? 

Izlazem na Sarajevo Fashion Week- u od sedamnaeste godine. Kao gimnazijalka sam se 2003. godine predstavila sa svojom prvom revijom, na nagovor moje profesorice slikarstva Samre Mujezinovic, kojoj sam i danas jako zahvalna. Tada sam bila najmadjii ucesnik. Od tada datira saradnja sa gospodjom Amelom Radan. Po povratku iz Istanbula pocela sam raditi za AR brand, sto mi je zaista bila velika cast. Amela me je pozvala da saradjujem na ovom jedinstvenom projektu i to nisam mogla nikako odbiti, jer na najljepsi nacin smo predstavili nasu zemlju i znamenitosti. Projekat “Pozdravi iz Sarajeva” i ta kolekcija je zaista dozivila veliki uspjeh i bila promovisana u cijelom svijetu , tako da sam zahvaljujuci gospodji Radan, koja mi je ukazala povjerenje obisla mnogo modnih centara. 

CFS: Kako birate manekenke i modele koje ce nositi Vase kreacije na revijama i modnim editorijalima, te snimanjima kataloga za Vase kolekcije? Postoje li djevojke s kojima uvijek rado suradjujete? Da li je bilo nezgodnih situacija, te imate li "crnu listu" manekenki s kojima vise nikad ne biste radili? 

Biram zenstvene, elegantne i rekla bih “profinjene” djevojke. Volim tu specificnu bh. gradju sa svim oblinama, prednostima i manama. Imam dobre i korektne odnose sa svim svojim modelima, tako da kod mene ne postoji ta tzv. “Crna lista”. 

CFS: Sta bi bio Vas "posao iz snova" u modnom svijetu? 

Tu nisam nimalo skromna. Voljela bih raditi za dizjanere Elia Saaba i Giorgio Armanija. Posao iz snova je da brand “TVICO” bude internacionalni brand, da radim vjencanice i elegantne haljine, Haute Couture, da dozivim da izlazem na Pariz Fashion Week-u, da imam veliku proizvodnju, da dizajniram tkanine i da zimi radi u toplijim krajevima. Kao sto sam odmah rekla, nisam nimalo skromna u pogledu svojih zeljaJ 

CFS: Kako se moze doci do Vasih prelijepih haljina? 

Jednostavno. Moj modni studio Belmadino se nalazi u blizini gradske Vijecnice, u ulici Telali 7, a tu je i moja web stranica: . Uskoro ce biti i on-line shopping, tako da pripremam i neka nova iznanedjenja iz svoje radionice. 

CFS: Da li mislite da ste preskupi za ovdasnje trziste? 

Mislim da nisam. Od pocetka o tome brinem da cijene budu prilagodjene nasem trzistu; ponekad radim i na svoju stetu, pa me mnogi ruze, ali cijene su zaista prihvatljive, jer dobijete unikatni model izradjen u vrhunskim materijalima, a to, priznat cete, ipak kosta. 

CFS: Mozete li izdvojiti TOP 5 trenutaka iz Vase modne historije kojih cete se uvijek sjecati? 

2003.* Prva revija na Sarajevo Fashion Weeku 

2006 .* Prvi posao za internacionalnu kompaniju Big STAR Jeans i predstavljanje prve kolekcije jeansa 

2008. * Otvaranje vlastitog modnog studija Belmadino i brand TVICO 

2009. * Rad za brand AR i rad na kolekciji Pozdravi iz Sarajeva , koja je imala za cilj promociju BH nasljedstva, kulture i tradicije iz Turskog perioda i Austro-ugarskog perioda, te promocija u Americi (Charlotte), Francuskoj (Pariz), Crnoj Gori (Podgorica), Turskoj (Istanbul), Austriji (Beč), Španiji (Barcelona), Kini (Šangaj), Italiji (Sicilija) … 

2010. * bh. magazin Rejting uvrstio me na listu najuspjesnijih dizajnera u nasoj zemlji. 

* Nova linija i prva kolekcija rucno izradjenih cipela u saradnji sa sarajevskim obucarom Ado Kalajdzisalihovicem, te izrada burmi u saradnji sa zlatarima Farusic , promocija tradicionalnih zanata i povezivanjem sa brandom Tvico . 

2012. * Izrada haljina za Angelinu Jolie 

CFS: Belmini prijedlozi za nastupajuce proljece? Koje boje, kakve tkanine, duzine, dezeni? Sta ce to biti "in" u proljece 2013.? Mozete li nam pokazati neke od Vasih skica za proljetnu kolekciju? 

Trendovi za proljece 2013 

Prozracni stil- tkanine kao sto su muslin svila, organdin svila i kombinacija ovih materiala u jednom odjevnom predmetu. 

Volani - su zasupljeni na svim odijevnim komadima . 

Alfa zenstvenost – odijelo obavezan komad u ormaru koju za ovu sezonu morate imati 

Umjetnost kontrasta – crno bijelo, kontrast komlementarnih boja npr crveno zelena, zuto, ljubicasta, narandjasto plava … 

Moda Azije – najvise se ogleda ovaj trend u krojevima , kimono je najzastupljeniji. 

Boje koje ce biti aktuelne za proljece 2013 : crvena, pink, roza, zuta, mint zelena, smaragd zelena, maslinasto zelena, plava, pink, beige, nude. 

Trenutno pripremam kolekciju za proljece/ljeto za 2014. vjenčanica , elegantnih haljina i poslovnih odijela . 

Pored zahvalnosti za vrijeme koje je odvojila za ovaj intervju, mladoj i ambicioznoj Belmi zelimo uspjesnu proljetnu sezonu, mnogo ideja za naredne kolekcije, da njene kreacije budu prosetane crvenim tepihom sirom svijeta, te svakako ostvarenje svih zacrtanih ciljeva. Club Fashionista <3 bh dizajn! 

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