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World’s Most Luxurious Ski Resorts in the World

 By Elma B.

Last year when deciding where to go for New Years, I thought it’s time to see Aspen. I fell in love with this small charming ski town. The restaurants are amazing and the crowd is by-and-large on the A List.

 The ski slopes in the town’s center looked petrifying (for a beginner skier); most were black and double black diamond. Hence, I decided to go to Snowmass. It was second time in my life steep slope skiing (before, I had only cross country skied while I lived in Finland).  In any event, my first try was on the (green) Panda slope!  Within an hour, I progressed to the blue diamond slopes. This year, I wanted to go skiing again for New Years; hence, I decided to research luxurious ski resorts. Here are my top choices: Aspen, Colorado, United States and St. Mortiz, Switzerland.

For details of the aforementioned three luxurious ski resorts, please see the photos below. I have included some of my own photos from Aspen last year. I have to let you in on a small secret fashionistas, I will sojourn to Aspen again this year! Stay tuned for more of my globe hopping this winter! 

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