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Wolford Tights: Sexy, Elegant and Chic

By Elma B. 

When I lived in Brussels, I discovered Wolford: top-notch-quality stalkings. Wolford is an Austrian brand.

In fact, I bought my first pair (black-opaque) on Avenue Victor Hugo in Paris. Wolford stalkings can make a woman feel sexy, classy and elegant. A woman can buy simple stalkings (nude, black opaque, brown opaque, etc.) and intricate stalkings (with polka dots, with a seam sewn into the back of seamless stalkings, animal print, etc.). 

One of my favorites are the Naked 8 for the summer or winter parties. If you want to give an appearance of a smooth-sparkly-nude leg, Nude 8 is a must! It is speculated that Kate and Pippa Middleton, when mingling with the royals of the world, wear Nude 8 and its likes. Please see photos below for details. 

Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton in Wolford Tights

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Anonymous said...

Kate et Pippa en Wolford - excellent choix - heureusement que ces collants ne sont pas réservés aux seules princesses


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