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Super Model Beauty Secrets

Heidi Klum: To make your lips look fuller, wear a lip gloss with shimmer. It reflects light so it gives the illusion that your lips are plump. 

Heidi Klum: Never pick at pimples! It spreads the bacteria around and can actually cause more pimples. Instead, try to leave it alone when you're at home, and just dot on a little cover-up if you need to go out.

Miranda Kerr: I believe that beauty comes from within, so you need to eat healthy in order to have beautiful skin and hair. Everyday, I have a juice mixed with green powder, which has chlorophyll and spirulina. I think it helps keep my skin clear. 

Miranda Kerr: A good trick is to put olive oil on the ends of your hair or use an olive oil treatment. I do that and I leave it on overnight then rinse it. It’s really moisturizing." 

Selita Eubanks: I like to use a mascara that has plastic or rubber bristles. They separate your lashes better than the traditional ones. 

Selita Eubanks: It’s important to wear oil-free sunscreen, even if you have a pimple. I think it helps to prevent the pimple form scarring.

Adriana Lima: If I get a pimple, I dot on a little bit of tea tree oil. It dries it out so it goes away more quickly. 

Adriana Lima: You shouldn’t experiment with too many skincare products. I stick to a little moisturizer and then sunscreen when I am in the sun. 

Marisa Miller: Once a week, I put conditioner on my dry hair, comb it through, wrap it in a bun and leave it on all day. At night, I rinse out the conditioner and my hair is soft and moisturized. 

Marisa Miller: Even if I am not wearing makeup, I always curl my eyelashes. It makes me look more awake, and I don’t even need to apply mascara. 

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