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By Aless G.

I have been following Paris Hilton extensively and she has been a huge inspiration for me: her beauty, her voice, acting skills, her original style, enthusiasm, her dedication to charity work, and her savvyness as a businesswoman.

Paris Hilton is a Super Woman!!! Everything that she touches shines, e.g. her clothing line collection, her perfumes, her watches, her bags, her sunglasses, and her shoes have been a huge success!!! In fact, she has created her own style and world!!! Gorgeous!!!!!! She has worked very hard to build her own empire.

Here are some not so well known facts: since she was a little girl, she has helped raise awareness and funds for causes like breast cancer. Paris Hilton has been a spokesperson for My Hope for Children Foundation, which fights to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable children in the Philippines by providing medical assistance and promoting wellness. Also, she donated a substantial amount of money to the construction of a medical building that is a part of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In fact, she has her own website dedicated to charity:

With all that said, people can be so mean by being critical and judgmental. For sure, I can definitely relate to her because since I was little everyone criticized me about my looks, my behavior and my clothes. Like her, I think it’s important to brush off the negativity from others, and live my own life. She inspires me to fight in life and work hard to be who I want to be.

For all these reasons, she has millions of fans and followers around the world.

Moreover, I love the way she dresses: she mixes her accessories with luxury brands. With all that said, I think that she represents the spirit of Club Fashionista!!! I will always defend her and the way she lives her own private life!!! It’s far from the gossip and critics of the haters!!! So proud of you PARIS HILTON!!!

You are the Marilyn Monroe of our time, a true beauty: inside and out!!!

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