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Fashionista Diary: When In New York City

By Elma B. 

Day 1: We spent a weekend in New York City: the city was marvelous--fully of energy, dynamic and diverse! During the day, we visited around Central Park around the Plaza Hotel. Central Park was full of sunbathers, chatter and laughter. Travel tip: I suggest walking between Columbus Circle to the Plaza Hotel to experience the beauty of uptown. 

For the fashionista, I am wearing a Juicy Couture dress and linen scarf and a Long Champ purple purse. Styling tip: try wearing bright colors if you are a brunette, it makes your dark locks stand out. 

Streetstyle: in front of the Central Park 
Streetstyle Central Park

Day 2: At night, we went out in SoHo, where you can find countless of authentic restaurants, hipsters and shops. This area of the city is recognizable by its cobble stones on its streets. We choose to dine in SoHo, which is much more quite at night than during the day when the fashionistas fill its streets and roam around countless of the shop.

For the fashionistas, I am wearing an InterMix dress, Calvin Klein stilettos, Chanel classic purse, and a thick black strap-around belt. Styling tip: one cannot go wrong with black and white. 

I hope you enjoyed a brief tour of New York City with me. Can't wait to share another of my adventures with you! Until next time fashionistas, we (my sister and I) are sending you love from New York City! 

Sister Love: Fashionistas in New York City

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