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Daria Werbowy Style

By Aless G. 

Ever wonder where supermodels live? One of my favorite supermodels, Daria Werboy, talks about her life in New York and one of her favorite hang out spots: her loft. 

Daria says that her loft is a part of who she is because it “carries so many memories.” In her loft, Daria displays different collectibles that she gathered during her many trips abroad. There you can see vintage mirrors, chairs, and other rare furniture pieces. She says that she adores the large space and lighting of this loft. She is particularly fond of her vintage terracotta bricks. 

The part of Daria’s loft I love the most is her closet! I think it is special because of its bazaar like feeling. All of her special pieces are neatly displayed. Together, they give this loft special character. 

Daria is also a big fan of cooking healthy and natural dishes. Her favorite dish includes salmon with lemon and a fruit salad.


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