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Rita Hayworth Hair Red

By Aless G.

Sexy red hair has almost become synonymous with Rita Hayworth, , who is a very well-known Hollywood actress. She rose to fame in 1940s. Recently, Gucci's new campaign was inspired by Rita Hayworth. In fact, even Lindsay Lohan's red locks and styling very much resemble Rita Hayworth.  Moreover, the details of the Chanel necklace that Lindsay Lohan wears were inspired by the 1940s. 

Here is a little secret for you fashionistas, Rita Hayworth's natural hair color is actually dark brown. She changed it to dark red to attract a wider range of audience in old Hollywood. Apparently, the change worked as she was featured five times on the cover of Life magazine beginning in 1940. Hayworth appeared in 61 films over 37 years! She danced on screen with mega Hollywood starts like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Hayworth remains one of the 100 Greatest Starts of All Time according to the American Film Institute. What do you think of the iconic Rita Hayworth look?

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